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f1Connect: A Website, Like No Other.

Forget everything you've ever known about a funeral home website, and turn your expectations upside down. Because a website is no longer about your company, it's about the client families you serve. It's about educating and driving the value of a ceremony. It's about connecting and nurturing relationships. It's about providing families hope for a better tomorrow. It's about time! So, get ready to experience f1Connect - the first ever website platform built from the ground up - exclusively for your client families.

Say hello to the first website that guarantees your success.

  • Double your community awareness.
  • Educate families like never before.
  • Double your website at-need leads.
  • Double your pre-need leads.
  • Double your search rankings.

Plain and simple, if your website doesn't achieve or exceed our success guarantee after 12 months - we will refund 100% of your website hosting fees.

Create Your Website In Minutes!

It's easier than you think! Get your website today? - Go live tomorrow!

Stunning Designs That Engage Your Client Families.

At last. A website with looks that "WOW" and content that engages and connects on every level. With over 30 designs to choose from and the options to customize the site specifically to your needs, rest assured that we've designed the perfect look and feel, so your website reflects the communities you serve.

Scientifically Engineered for Client Families.

Your business is focused solely on your client families. So isn't it about time your website is? We spent over 10 years studying analytics, and analyzed millions of users browsing funeral websites. With the f1Connect website platform we are delivering the first ever scientifically engineered website - focused on giving your client families what they're looking for - and what the profession needs. Giving your families and community exactly what their looking for in a website. Plain and simple, our f1Connect websites are strategically designed for client families. We've paid close attention to every detail - every pixel, word, font, image, color and placement. Through our f1Connect platform, you will engage your families on a personal and emotional level. You'll give them the information they're looking for.

Educate Families on the Value of Ceremony.

It's one thing to talk about how unique your services are, but now it's easier to demonstrate it. Through our proprietary educational approach at funeralOne, we have crafted a breakthrough approach that will allow you to educate not only your client families, but your community - with a consistent message on the value of a funeral. You'll persistently promote the true value and meaning of a funeral service or ceremony. And, the coolest part of all - you'll have an interactive Life Exploration tool which families can use to explore different ways they can celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and memorable way. Building these connections will attract and retain your client families like never before.

First Ever Viral Funeral Website Platform.

The f1Connect platform is the first ever viral website built exclusively for the funeral profession. As family members begin to share memories, the system will automatically notify and encourage other family and friends to visit your site, see what is being shared and inspire them to start sharing a memory of their own. It also features a tool that allows families to reach out and announce a loved one's death by simply touching everyone in their personal contact list using Outlook, Google, AOL, Yahoo or MSN. As families start connecting, traffic will automatically flow to your website - 365 days a year! And with each visit, your name and brand will always be front and center. In no time, you'll generate top-of-mind awareness and build long standing relationships to help rapidly grow your business.

Let Families Share Memories and Connect Like Never Before.

Our f1Connect platform comes with one of the coolest applications you will ever see on a funeral website. It's our revolutionary social media-powered Life Tributes memorial website plug-in. It goes way beyond the guestbook and condolence systems that are currently available. In fact, these personal interactive website are created automatically for each client family so they can stay connected to you and their family and friends - anytime and anywhere! It allows them to easily share or take photos, upload or record webcam videos, light a candle, send gifts, or even grow a family tree. All of these amazing interactive features will instantly inspire friends and family to share stories, memories, and connect. Best of all, the memorial website can live online for generations to come!

Take Part in the Healing Process.

e-Aftercare: Award Winning Grief & Healing Tools - Available 24/7. It's always a challenge to know the best way to help your client families in the days, weeks and months after the loss of their loved one. But, we know it's all about creating hope and healing experiences. We put together everything you need to help your client families through their grief journey in our award winning e-Aftercare solution. You'll offer your families an extensive range of world-class aftercare services, including interactive grief videos featuring world famous, Dr. Virginia Simpson, 24/7 access to our online certified grief counselors directly on your website, and once-a-month group grief support sessions. Send them automated e-mails, quarterly newsletters, and 365 days of grief support affirmations. When they need it the most, you?ll always be there to offer your support!

Pre-Configured Web Pages.

Everyone needs help getting started. We give you that help by pre-configuring the pages based on the type of funeral business you own. We've added recommended website pages (i.e., Home, What We Do, Grief & Healing, and About Us) and included prewritten suggested copy on each page that you can customize for your needs. Our funeral web site builder is more than just a website tool; we've given you a leg-up to get started.

Now You've Got Control. Easily Change Colors, Page Layouts, Photos and Text - in a simple click.

Are you ready to save hundreds of dollars a month by eliminating third party website maintenance fees? Our f1Connect platform has a built-in content management system that gives you the power to easily edit and manage your own web site all in-house - regardless of technical skills. Easily update or disable any page on your website. Change your look and feel in seconds. It's as simple as, point and click! As an added bonus, our content management system features an automatic email responder tool, web statistics tracking, and e-mail campaigns. It's everything you need to get back in control!

Optimized for Search Engines - to Get and Keep You on the Top of Search Results.

There's no need to learn the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization because we've done it all for you. Our SEO experts have made the f1Connect website platform to please both your client families and the search engines. Your firm will rank high when families search for funeral homes in your area, every time. Guaranteed.

Turn your Website into a Profit Center.

Anyone who visits your website will have the opportunity to extend the life of a memorial website by simply donating as little as five dollars. This allows your client families the opportunity to secure and share their loved one's memorial website for generations to come. And the best part - you earn 50% of the revenues generated from all online donations.

Affordable - Get More for Your Money. Our Websites Start at $45.

We know times are tough - many family-owned firms are looking for ways to save money. And with an f1Connect site, you'll be spending less than $1.50 a day! That?s a lot less than a cup of coffee, and with that, you'll have our guarantee of success. It doesn't get better than that.

Success Guaranteed - if You're not Satisfied - We Refund Your Hosting for up to 1 Year.

You've really got nothing to lose. We're so confident that your new f1Connect site will bring you new clients and deepen the relationships you have with current client families; we're putting cash on the line.

Free 24/7 Live Support.

Not to brag or anything, but we've won awards for our customer service and tech support. funeralOne is an industry leader, and we plan on keeping it that way. And that means you can access our tech support team whenever you need us: nights, weekends, and holidays. That's a promise.

Semi-Custom Websites.

Check out some of our semi-custom sites.

Hear what people are saying about funeralOne

Check out what the profession is saying about our new website platform.

Schoedinger Funeral Home Inc.

Lajos Szabo, Chief Strategy Officer


When the Schoedinger staff came to us, they dreamed of a significantly better way to build community awareness. They wanted to educate families on the value of ceremony, and inspire them to design funeral and memorial services that honored life, and provided healing. Schoedinger wanted site visitors to have access to unique grief resources that work to heal the heartache of loss. They dreamed of a website that would become the #1 destination for those in the community facing end-of-life issues.


The funeralOne team listened closely, and we set to work to design a truly ground-breaking website platform. We created strongly-emotive videos to draw in site visitors, and get them thinking about the importance of honoring life. We included an interactive planning tool, engaging memorial websites that bring people back time and again; and ties to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our design team created the first funeral home website designed solely for client families. What began as simple dream of a new way of doing things has become f1Connect.


In the first four weeks, Schoedinger has seen a 58% increase in site visitors. The length of time each visitors stays on the site has increased, and bounces (those who leave the site within seconds) have gone down dramatically. And in the past 30 days, they've had 19 online pre-arrangements. That's more than they had over the previous year.

Read success story. Close story.

Anderson McQueen Funeral Homes

Bill McQueen, President/Director & Owner


Bill McQueen brought us a real challenge: next-to-no one was coming to their site. Other than to read online obituaries or to sign a related guestbook, that is; the other pages on the site were ignored. It was obvious to them that the content wasn't what people were looking for. And one look told us that the site appearance needed to be updated. Bill laughed when someone on the funeralOne team said that it looked like it was designed in the 1970s - 'before I was born!' We all knew that wasn't true; but it was obvious to everyone that the website needed to be more than it was. Much more.


Our design team captured the essence of the city where Anderson-McQueen is located; St. Petersburg, Florida. We set about to create a site that was sunny, and warm; inviting, and friendly. The interactive planning tool was redesigned to reflect the traditions unique to that community. Our intention is always to educate, inform, and engage site visitors, and since we knew that the owners wanted a platform of communication, we included a blog feature -which was linked to the social media sites they wished to use.


This site has just recently gone 'live,' but the preliminary stats are certainly encouraging. Site visitors are up, but more important to Anderson-McQueen, these visitors are lingering longer on the site. They're viewing more pages. They are signing up for the daily affirmations, and watching the E-Aftercare educational videos. "We're really happy with the results we've seen so far, and know that our website is now a true reflection of our commitment to serve our community," said Bill McQueen. We have to agree.

Read success story. Close story.

Why choose f1Connect:

Below are just a few of the reasons why our customers have selected f1Connect as the way to build and maintain their website.
funeralOne FuneralNet Batesville
Educate families on the value of a funeral service
Designed for client families
24/7 Live online grief counseling
Automated contact management
Community events
Pre-planning support
Viral website
Easy to customize
Multiple templates available
Social Media Network Integration
Built in CRM system
Obituary & Service Info
Maps and Directions
Photo and Video Tagging
Automated Tribute Sharing
Candles and other gifts
Family Tree

A high quality design is a voice for your business

Plans starting as low as $45/month. No contracts required.
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Our social media-powered website platform, f1Connect, is years ahead of anything out in the market. If you're ready to start connecting with your client families in new ways and begin unlocking the potential of your website, then we should talk. Call us today at 800.798.2575 or contact us.