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Introducing f1Connect
Next generation websites. Solely built for the client family.
f1Connect new website platform

The world’s leader in funeral website developement just got better!

Want a website platform that will improve visitor experience, build your brand awareness, educate your families on the value of a funeral service, grow your revenue, and clean your car? Well it might not clean your car but we’re sure working on it. At funeralOne, we have spent the last seven years developing a website platform that will redefine the way you connect, communicate, and interact with your client families.

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Websites, Like No Other.

Are you ready to experience the first ever website built solely for your client families? We are. Our website platform is more than just your typical technology solution. We offer a full range of easy-to-use, custom branded website to fit your needs – from simple adaptation to tailor-made.

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Now You Have the Power.

Don’t you wish you could maintain full control of your website without engaging a third party vendor? Well your wish is our command. Our website platform has a built-in content management system that allows you to easily and instantly format your web content with a simple point and click.

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Bring Your Client Families, Friends and Community Together.

One of the key ingredients to help kick start the healing and grieving process is to share stories and memories with other friends and family members. So, how do you inspire your client families to start connecting and start sharing? It’s simple. Become more social!

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