Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the topic areas below for answers to our most frequently asked questions about the f1Connect Sympathy Store.

Getting Started

How much does it cost to add The Sympathy Store on my website?Show Answer ↓

There is no cost to your firm to sign up for The Sympathy Store and no set-up or maintenance fees.

When can I get started?Show Answer ↓

You can get started right away by clicking here to fill out the Sympathy Store Request Form. Once we receive all of the necessary information, your website's Sympathy Store should be up and running in a matter of days.

If your firm chooses to feature flowers from your preferred florist, we will work with you to begin this process.

What must my firm do to launch The Sympathy Store on our website? Show Answer ↓

Launching The Sympathy Store on your website is simple. All you have to do is fill out The Sympathy Store Request Form. Click here to get started.

How long will it take to launch The Sympathy Store?Show Answer ↓

Once you give us the final okay, your Sympathy Store will be up and running within several business days.

General Questions

Is The Sympathy Store integrated into my website?Show Answer ↓

Yes. Visitors can access The Sympathy Store using your website's main navigation. While funeralOne will host The Sympathy Store, your customers will experience a seamless transition from your site to the store site.

We understand the importance of maintaining the trust of your customers. That's why we've created an enhanced shopping experience where your customers can buy with confidence while never leaving the security of your firm's trusted name.

How is The Sympathy Store different from other solutions?Show Answer ↓

The Sympathy Store is different from other solutions for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • The Sympathy Store is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into your website's navigation.
  • Visitors to The Sympathy Store can experience a seamless shopping environment while remaining within the trusted name of your firm's website.
  • We’ve put years of research into our Sympathy Store solution to produce the highest conversion rates in the industry, resulting in higher commissions for your firm
Some families do not like the idea that we are "selling" on our website. Can we create some personalized messaging to soften the "selling" idea?Show Answer ↓

The Sympathy Store will be presented on your website in a way that positions it as an extension of the services you provide rather than a "sales pitch." Click here to see how the Sympathy Store is presented on your website.

Will The Sympathy Store include advertisements or other marketing not related to my firm?Show Answer ↓

No, your Sympathy Store will not contain any outside advertising that does not relate to your funeral firm.

Are purchases made through The Sympathy Store secure?Show Answer ↓

We guarantee that all Sympathy Store visitors will have a safe shopping experience. All information entered is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The Sympathy Store ecommerce system is also a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and verified by GeoTrust.

Who is responsible for collecting and paying the sales tax for the state since it is through our website?Show Answer ↓

We will collect and pay all applicable state sales tax for purchases made on your Sympathy Store.

Can my Sympathy Store visitors place orders after business hours?Show Answer ↓

Yes, your Sympathy Store shoppers can place orders 24 /7 365.

Can we decide which gift categories we will have on our store?Show Answer ↓

Although funeralOne suggests including all gift categories on your Sympathy Store, you do have the option to decide which gift categories you would like your store to contain.

Can we add local vendors?Show Answer ↓

No, we do not have the ability to add local vendors to your Sympathy Store offerings at this time.

Can I put my own products in the online store?Show Answer ↓

No, we do not have the ability to allow you to add your own products to your Sympathy Store at this time.

Can I stock my Sympathy Store's popular items?Show Answer ↓

Yes, simply order them through your website's Sympathy Store and you will receive your normal commissions.

What company do you use for jewelry?Show Answer ↓

Currently, our jewelry selection features designs by Deborah J. Birdoes.

Will gifts and flowers be delivered to my funeral firm?Show Answer ↓

Your Sympathy Store shoppers have the option to have their purchases delivered to either your funeral firm or a custom address.

Tip: Give your families their gifts shipped to your funeral home at their love one's funeral or memorial service. If the funeral or memorial service has passed, have the family's funeral director hand deliver their gifts for an added touch of professionalism.

What is the Sympathy Store's return policy?Show Answer ↓

At The Sympathy Store, we stand behind our products. Each item we offer must meet strict standards for workmanship and design. We work closely with the suppliers of these items to ensure they are of the highest quality.

If, for any reason, your Sympathy Store shopper or their gift recipient is not satisfied with their purchase, they may return it in new condition, in its original packaging for a prompt exchange or refund. All returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of receipt and claims for live items (such as plants and flowers) must be made within 7 days.

Flower Questions

When will flowers be available through our Sympathy Store?Show Answer ↓

This depends on your local florist preference and their wire network affiliation. The process of adding flowers to your Sympathy Store could take several days to several weeks.

Can flower orders be directed to my preferred local florist?Show Answer ↓

We've partnered with two leading national floral networks that allow you to continue sending business to your local florist of choice. We will work with you and your preferred florist to set this up.

What floral networks do you use?Show Answer ↓

We work with Teleflora and Bloomnet, two of the largest floral networks in the country. If your florist is not a member of our network, we are more than happy to assist them in partnering.

Do you have florists in your network in my firm�s area?Show Answer ↓

We work with some of the largest floral wire networks; our networks have floral providers in proximity to nearly every location.

How do we know which florist is listed?Show Answer ↓

We will work with you and your preferred florist to determine their network affiliation. If your florist is not a member of our networks, we are more than happy to assist them in partnering with our floral networks.

What if my florist is not a member of your networks?Show Answer ↓

We are more than happy to work with your preferred florist to assist them in partnering with our national floral networks.

If I have locations in different towns how would the end user know which florist to choose for the different locations?Show Answer ↓

If the order�s delivery destination is outside of your preferred florist's service area, our system will automatically select a well-respected florist to fulfill your order.

Are florists advertised on our website?Show Answer ↓

No, your preferred florist will be referenced as a "local florist." No flower shop names are mentioned in The Sympathy Store.

When will my florists get paid?Show Answer ↓

Your florists will be paid through their networks based on their normal terms.

Are flower orders delivered by a florist?Show Answer ↓

Yes, all flower orders are hand delivered by a florist. The Sympathy Store does not carry "box flowers."


Who is responsible for order tracking and support?Show Answer ↓

funeralOne is responsible for all order tracking and support for your Sympathy Store purchases. We're there for your Sympathy Store visitors 24/7 365 days a year.

Do we need our own merchant account for order processing?Show Answer ↓

No, with The Sympathy Store, there is no need for a personal merchant account. funeralOne will process all orders received through your website's Sympathy Store.

What are my firms' responsibilities?Show Answer ↓

With The Sympathy Store, your firm can enjoy generating revenue from a valuable offering that requires minimal effort. The Sympathy Store easily integrates into your firm's existing website. funeralOne handles all merchandising, updates, orders, billing, shipping, returns, and customer support.

All your firm is required to do is simply give us the green light and provide us with all of the necessary information we need to get your Sympathy Store set-up. For optimal compensation, we recommend your firm promotes your Sympathy Store with the marketing materials we supply.


What can I earn in commissions?Show Answer ↓

The Sympathy Store plug-in offers a flat commission rate depending on the type of sympathy gift purchased through your Sympathy Store. Reference the table to the right for our commission structure by gift category.

Commissions are based on the amount of the purchase; this excludes any applicable sales tax, service fees and shipping & handling charges.

When will I be paid?Show Answer ↓

funeralOne pays our Sympathy Store partners on a monthly basis. A check will be issued to your funeral firm no later than the 15th day of the following month. Checks will be issued for a minimum of $25. Commission totals below $25 will be carried over until you reach the $25 minimum at the relevant monthly payout date.

Do I earn commissions on my own purchases?Show Answer ↓

Yes, you earn commissions on all products purchased through The Sympathy Store on your website.

Do I earn commissions on returned products?Show Answer ↓

If a product is returned, your account will be debited any commission earned on that transaction. If a product is exchanged or if replacement merchandise is sent for lost or damaged goods, your commissions will not be affected.

How can I keep track of my sales and earnings?Show Answer ↓

Your firm will receive a monthly statement that details all Sympathy Store purchases made on your website.

Promoting Your Sympathy Store

Can I show my families sample products from our Sympathy Store?Show Answer ↓

Yes, simply order the products you'd like to use as samples through your website's Sympathy Store. Your firm will receive commissions on these purchases.

What promotional tools does the Sympathy Store provide my firm?Show Answer ↓

The Sympathy Store can easily be integrated into your website's main navigation.

We've also created several different marketing pieces to help you present your website's Sympathy Store to the families you serve. From flyers, tri-fold brochures, to interactive presentations - we have you covered.