Switching Websites Made Easy

Coming onboard with funeralOne’s f1Connect website platform couldn’t be easier.

What to expect:

  • 1

    Let us know you’re ready

    We’re completely mobilized to start building a site that’s designed to transform your business. Request a Quote and we’ll show you our amazing features and walk you through your options.

  • 2

    We’ll prepare to launch

    Launching websites is a process we have down to a science. We’ll do the work to provide you with the website your families have been waiting for – without your current site skipping a beat.

  • 3

    You start the countdown

    Before launch, we’ll show you a preview of your website so you can take it for a spin. We’ll even train you and your staff so you can make the most of your website’s features, prepare to be amazed.

  • 4

    Lift off!

    When your new f1Connect website goes live – you’ll know it! You’ll be on your way to attracting families, creating healing experiences and transforming your business.