Why Switch?

  • Do you believe your website is representative of the care and effort you expend to serve your families?

  • Does your website clearly project your firm’s perspective on memorializing life in a way that engages your families?

  • Do you think your community is different? That, for some reason, the Internet has changed the way the vast majority of people source and access information – just not for those in your town?

  • Has your business experienced a surge in growth as the rate of cremation has risen in preference?

  • Are pre-planning leads sourced from your website driving a steady flow of revenue?

  • Do your families accept the price of your services as a fair exchange for value—without question?

  • Do you believe that social media is a passing trend?

  • Does your website pay you back many times over what you spend on it?

If you answered a resounding NO to any of these questions then it’s time to make the switch to f1Connect and transform your business.

Switching to f1Connect is likely to be the easiest thing you’ll do to improve your business in years. It will also be the most transformative. At a time with so much transition occurring, not just created by the Internet, but also by shifting family values and mobile lifestyles, the way you’ve always run your business is no longer the best way to successfully approach its future.

Switching to f1Connect is for funeral owners and directors who want to keep pace with their families and embrace new methods of serving them. We’ve invested 10 years in researching just how to help you do that and our 6,000 customers are proof that we’re on to something big!

Take a look at what you’ll get by saying yes to change:

Switch to Grow

The growth of your firm depends on continuous and consistent revenue streams. With f1Connect you’ve got options you won’t find anywhere else—including comprehensive and interactive Pre-Need lead tools, The Sympathy Store to help families choose gifts and flowers to honor loved ones, and optimization for both content and search engines that will bring in new family business. An f1Connect website is specifically engineered to provide innovative capabilities that attract, educate and profitably engage your families.

Switch to Serve

Serving your families is a priority. That will never change. But the ways in which you do so need to evolve along with what your families find valuable. Serving your families in today’s digitally-oriented world is about much more than the time they spend at your physical location. Your website must become the online presence that carries your brand beyond the boundaries of your physical location, engaging families as well online as you do offline. One of the biggest changes is to obituaries. Rather than static see-and-leave notices, a social memorial website will help your families make connections and share memories in interactive ways. You’ll also have the capabilities to offer them hope and healing with aftercare offerings directly from your website.

Switch to Save

When your website is designed to drive strategic business success, your firm is repaid the investment made in it many times over. In fact, the savings in time, effort and money spent managing your website to ensure it helps grow your business and serve your families will amaze you. From helping families in need find your firm to capitalizing on opportunities you’re losing today, f1Connect makes sure you retain control of your online destiny. With the ability to easily expand your website with more pages as needed and opt in for new capabilities that we introduce to keep you in step with families, you’ll begin to anticipate change—instead of resist it.

Switch for Unrivaled Support

If always-available support from a human doesn’t impress you, perhaps our success coaching and the tools we provide to help your families embrace and participate on your f1Connect website will. We’re here for you—whenever you need us. All you have to do is ask.