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A productive website is not about your company, it’s about serving the needs of families by demonstrating the value you provide.

  • It’s about educating your families about the value of a service.

  • It’s about providing interactive and innovative ways for families to connect in honor of lives lived and memories made.

  • It’s about providing families with healing resources and hope for a better tomorrow.

  • It’s about time!

Turn your website into a business asset by switching to f1Connect – the One website platform built from the ground up exclusively to provide meaning and create healing experiences for the families you serve, along with increased business for you.

Built to Attract and Engage Families

Your website must be a reflection of the care and professionalism you invest in your business. We spent over 10 years researching and analyzing millions of people as they browsed funeral websites. The methodology developed from this work has delivered proven success for firms just like yours.

We pay close attention to every detail, including; words, spacing, pictures, colors and how they’re placed on every web page to create maximum engagement. This attention to detail empowers you to connect with your families on a personal and emotional level, creating the trust they need to choose you to help them celebrate and memorialize the life that was lived.

Educate Families About The Value of the Services You Provide

Through our proprietary methodology at funeralOne, we have crafted a breakthrough approach that will allow you to educate your client families and your community with a consistent message on the value of funeral service. Even better, with the interactive Life Exploration tool, families can explore different ways to celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and memorable way. Building these connections will attract and retain your client families now—and well into the future.

Create Connections with Social Memorial Websites

Setting precedence for new traditions based on how people interact digitally, a social memorial website goes way beyond the guestbook and condolence systems that are currently available. In fact, these personal, interactive websites are created automatically for each client family so they can stay connected to you and their family and friends - anytime and anywhere.

A social memorial website is dedicated page that is automatically created within your firm’s website that functions as a permanent memorial for a loved one. Memorial websites serve as a central location for family and friends to view their loved one’s obituary information, check service and event times, and celebrate the life lived by sharing memories, condolences, leaving virtual gifts, and more. Not only can those who knew the person participate, but future generations can get to know their family members who have passed as their stories are preserved in a permanent online memorial.

Assist Families in their Grief Journey

It's always a challenge to know the best way to help your client families in the days, weeks and months after the loss of their loved one. We put together everything you need to help your client families through their grief journey with our award winning e-Aftercare solution.

With e-Aftercare you can help families heal with interactive grief videos that allow users to customize their grief guidance based on the type of grief they are experiencing. Families also have the ability to opt in to receive 365 days of email affirmations sent from your funeral home or join group grief support sessions held by a certified counselor.

Explode Your Pre-Need Leads

f1Connect’s strategic pre-planning section educates families on the many benefits of advance preparation and provides them with a powerful, yet easy-to-use, pre-planning tool. In fact, 66% of adults asked say they’d pre-plan their funeral service. Unfortunately, only about a third of them do so. With f1Connect, families can easily arrange their funeral service completely online with our strategic pre-planning tool that educates families about the benefits of prearrangement while guiding them through the process.

“I made the switch from Aldor to funeralOne and my preneed leads went from 1 to over 20 per month; a 2000% increase!” – Mike Schoedinger, Schoedinger Funeral Service

Incorporate a Convenient Sympathy Store

The f1Connect Sympathy Store allows your website to easily offer high-quality sympathy gifts and flowers directly on your website. With every sale made through your f1Connect Sympathy Store, your firm will earn a competitive commission. Demand for sympathy gifts is high. Each month, over 200,000 searches for sympathy gifts and flowers are made on Google alone. Your funeral firm should capitalize on this demand.

Even better, you can promote business within your community by offering flowers from your florist of choice. Additional products include sympathy gift baskets, comfort food, memorial gifts & jewelry, grief & healing books, and more.

funeralOne handles all of the details from Sympathy Store integration on your f1Connect website to merchandising, ordering, billing, shipping, and even customer service. Providing another convenient offering that generates revenue doesn't get any easier!

Get Found – Before the Competition

You don’t have to learn the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization because we've done it all for you. Our SEO experts have made the f1Connect website platform to please both your client families and the search engines. Your firm will rank high when families search for funeral homes in your area, every time. Guaranteed. Most importantly, this will reduce the money you spend advertising your firm.

Retain Control

Are you ready to save hundreds of dollars a month by eliminating third-party website maintenance fees? Our f1Connect platform has a built-in content management system that gives you the power to easily edit and manage your f1Connect in-house - regardless of technical skills.

Whether you want a lot of support, or a little, we’ll help you get started. We’ll help your website present the best impression based on the type of funeral business you own. Through our proven methodology, we’ll add recommended website pages (i.e., Home, What We Do, Grief & Healing, and About Us) that include prewritten copy that you can customize to demonstrate your unique value. Our funeral web site builder is more than just a do-it-yourself website tool.

Add photos, feature community events, add pages, choose and apply new designs from our stunning library or monitor statistics. Everything you need to create a strategic online presence is right at your fingertips, in an easy to use dashboard.

Reduce Lost Opportunities

The interactive and innovative capabilities offered via your website builds credibility for your firm. Not just with the family you’re serving, but for all of their relatives, friends and acquaintances who visit your website to share memories and support each other during a difficult time. With each return visit to a memorial website, they’re also returning to your website, keeping your firm top-of-mind. These people are more likely to call your firm or refer new families when the need for your services arises in the future.

With a website designed to dynamically serve families, more of them will contact you when the need arises. A recent survey found that 75% of families who visit a funeral firm website to learn more never contact the firm. An f1Connect website reduces those lost opportunities by providing specific information that families find valuable. This results in an increasing number of net-new families for your firm, saving you the time, effort and expense you’d otherwise spend trying to find them on your own.

Epic Support

Our knowledgeable Epic support staff is available via phone & chat 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that a glitch isn’t a problem. No matter what time of day, you’ll always speak to a human – always!

In addition to specific support request handing, funeralOne offers an array of always-available support resources. We assign each account a dedicated Success Coach that provides a wide array of materials, videos, and live consulting sessions to make sure you get the most of your f1Connect website. We’ve also created several different marketing pieces to help you present your website to the families you serve.